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The Red Zone Golf Combine is designed for players to test themselves or coaches to test their students. Unfortunately, players prefer to practice their strengths on most occasions and they end up practicing all of the skills they’re already good at, therefore leaving their weaknesses at the same old level. The features of this app will identify and point out the weaknesses players need to work on based on their score. They will soon come to the self realization that they need to build on their weaknesses and maintain or incrementally build their strengths. If this sounds like you, its time to stop feeling good about your game because you only focus on your strengths while neglecting your weaknesses and get to work on building new skills. Stop being afraid of the shots you can’t hit and commit to arming yourself with new shots you can actually utilize during play to enjoy the game you love so much.

– Putting
– Chipping
– Pitching
– Bunker Shots
– 100 Yards and in – (The RED ZONE)


Combine Test

Virtually every RED ZONE shot has been designed within this app (over 190 shots) and we would be happy to add any others that you deem valuable. We will also have a random button along with Par 18 to choose from that you can try at anytime. This will quickly point out what you need to work on or shots you struggle with under pressure as the random tests are based on one shot outcomes. You can also create a personal playlist and add any drills you want to focus on.

Red Zone Golf Combine Leaderboard


We have created leaderboards for the basic version of the app. This will keep records of the leaders worldwide of each individual test completed. If you upgrade to a bundle version or the coaches version you will be listed on separate leaderboards.

The coach’s leaderboards will have the option to have private leaderboards for your individual students.

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Strive to Optimize your game. The Red Zone Golf Combine will enhance your ability and provide you the necessary feedback for you and/or your coach to make the incremental progress required to take your game to the next level.